Trailer Dolly FAQS

1. Placing the Power Caster under the tongue of a trailer.
When the Power Caster is in place under the tongue of a trailer, the two small back wheels lift up and clear the ground approximately 2″. Their purpose is only to move the unit to and from the trailer. This is true for all Power Caster models.

2. All Power Caster units use standard house current (120 volts AC)

3. Trailer Ball Hitches

CAUTION: The Power Caster does NOT attach to the ball on the trailer, doing so is not 100% safe or reliable, on any dolly. It was originally designed for the crank-up jack on the trailer to sit into the cup above the Power Caster tire. The Power Caster comes with 4 sleeves (a bushing set) to allow you to adjust for different size crank-up jacks. If you cannot use a jack OR choose not to use the jack in this manner you will need an adapter.

WARNING: Because the two rear wheels lift up off of the ground, if you try to attach the Power Caster to the ball of your trailer (in any way) the Power Caster will simply tip over or it will walk up out from under the trailer (the handle hitting you in the chin).

The reason we suggest you drill holes through the frame or weld for the adapters and offer nothing that can clamp on is because there is no guarantee that a clamp won’t slip. Customers have made clamp-ons themselves, but it is not something we will do. When attaching it to the crank-up jack, as long as the crank-up jack retracts all the way up (hangs down no further than 3″) the chances of bending it are slim. The only time people bend their jacks is if it is a very heavy trailer or if it is being done wrong.

4. Power Caster Speed.

The Power Caster moves at a very slow walk, about 15 feet per minute and it does have both a forward and a reverse.

5. Power Caster on inclines.

CAUTION: There is not a brake on the Power Caster. There is resistance in the motor but not enough to hold a trailer back on a hill or incline.

WARNING: DO NOT LET THE MOTOR FREE-WHEEL on an incline. DO NOT let the weight of your boat or trailer (or whatever you are moving) push the Power Caster down the hill. If you let the motor pick up more speed than it moves under it’s own power you will damage the motor. If you let this happen the centrifugal switch in the motor will bust apart and can not be replaced. This error will cost you a new motor. If you do not understand this fully please call us.

6. Power Caster Brake Kit

The brake kit that we offer allows you to tap into the electric trailer brakes that are already on the trailer. There needs to be a battery on the trailer that the emergency brakes work off of in order for our kit to be used. Having more tires does not necessarily increase traction; tongue weight does.