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 by William Percin
Power Caster Model: PC-3

The Powercaster has been an amazing tool for us with trailers. Moving around 5 trailers around our warehouse have become a breeze. Our PC-3 is over 20 years old, and has never let us down. THanks for making such a great product that stands the test of time and does not have failure built in. So many new products fail in the first couple years.

William Percin
Simi Valley CA

 by Warren Goldstone
Power Caster Model: PC 1 & PC 3

In 1980, I bought a PC 1 with a built-in for a very light trailer. When I moved up to an 8000 pound trailer, I upgraded to a PC 3. In each case I had to move my trailer back and forth in driveway with four inches of clearance on either side. It's always been a tight squeeze, but PC 3 has made maneuvering it in this small space possible, so I pay no storage fees. Once a month, like clockwork, I've pulled my trailer down my driveway and pushed it back into place at the end of the trip. That's 30 feet back and forth. Last week, (6/1/21), I experienced my first problem: power stopped flowing to the unit in the middle of moving it! I couldn't trace the problem, so I took it into Power Caster (I live 50 miles away) and they had me on the road in an hour. It was a bad plug. After 41 years, that's not bad. Fortunately, I keep it stored in my garage, so it's out of the weather and still looks almost new. Thanks for such a reliable piece of equipment.

 by Nancy
Power Caster Model: PC3

Jill made the whole experience of renting this machine so wonderful!!! She went ABOVE and BEYOND to help us understand and then went the extra mile- literally, to help us get it in time for the project to be completed. I had to move and place a 27 ft travel trailer into a spot that did not allow for a truck to hall it into place.A tight spot with an incline at the start. This could not have been accomplished so easily had we not had this machine. I have never experienced such great customer service, from the very first call I felt I was talking to a friend who was willing to do all she could to help me out. I would definitely go back and do business with Jill!!!!

 by R Batton
Power Caster Model: pc 1

This unit was purchased in 1971 for my father. It has been in the family since then with no problems Recently the tire went flat and I decided to upgrade the tire. Power caster still is able to supply me with a tire and tube that still fits. How's that for product reliability. Thanks P.C.

 by Craig Wilkey
Power Caster Model: PC2

I purchased a PC-2 two weeks ago. I have a 19 ft travel trailer that has to be parked in a tight 90 degree left turn behind a small house that takes multiple attempts with my F-350 because of size of the truck and trailer combined and I only have a 19 foot wide road with a high curb and an 8 inch drop-off to deal with. I hooked up the Powercaster and parked the trailer in one quick move and no jockeying of the trailer. I recommend this to anyone who has a tight situation and needs to move a trailer in or out. My days of parking with the truck are now over. I will use my PC-2 to move the trailer every time, it is so easy to use. By the way, buy the adapter and hook it to the hitch frame it is the best way to use it, from my perspective.

 by Neil Freed
Power Caster Model: PC-3

We got our Power Caster in 2000 and have been very happy that we did. I move our 10,000 lb vending trailer, with a 1,800 lb tongue, with ease. We had it referb'd in 2008, very reasonable, and folks at Power Caster are always there if you have any questions or are looking for suggestions. I now have a removable handle, solid rubber tires and a caster bearing in the tube receiver for easier turning. It's amazing how powerful this little guy is and how supportive the folks are at Power Caster.

 by Dave Busk
Power Caster Model: PC-2

I have owned my Power Caster over 20 yrs. I have 5 trailers and could not do without this little red helper. The low gearing and maneuverability allows you to put a trailer in any tight location. Never a problem with this machine, but after about 15 yrs, the tire got old and cracked. Took it to Temple City, and in less than 1 hr, Jill had a new tire mounted for a very nominal cost. Would and have recommended this product to friends and family.

 by Dan
Power Caster Model: PC-3

I was first introduced to PowerCaster 30+ years ago as a kid when my grandparents used one to move their trailer around and get it parked in their back yard. I always remembered how sturdy and stout the little red tug was, so, when I had the same need as an adult to maneuver and park my 30' trailer in our driveway, I knew I had to have one. I bought a PC-3 and it has been fantastic. Thank you especially to Jill who helped me troubleshoot and repair a missing part - your service is top notch!! Customer for life!

 by Mike Pero
Power Caster Model: PC-2

My PC-2 moves my 17" and ~4000# travel trailer from a narrow alley to its covered parking area with ease. The route is narrow and zig-zags up a sloped drive with a fence at both sides of the drive entrance. No tow vehicle can navigate the trailer up that course, but the PowerCaster does it safely. No way to park the trailer at home without a tool like this.

 by Dave Brewer
Power Caster Model: PC-3

I purchased a PC-3 recently and it is the real deal! I use it to move a 24' Featherlite tri axle trailer with a lift that carries 2 collector cars. Loaded it will weight 17,500 lbs. The PC-3 moves the trailer into the tightest spots with ease. It will turn the tri axle loaded trailer in a circle! It even worked to my amazement on grass! It is small enough to be easily transported and light enough to be loaded by hand. Anyone with a trailer should have one of these.

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