Adapters and Brake Kits

Adapter Information:

  • Additional adapters are available for wider frames.
  • Hensley Hitch adapters are available.
    Note: If the Hensley Hitch is less then 4 yrs old, they offer a pin that is included in their spare parts kit to stabilize the hitch.
  • ProPride Hitch adapters are available.
    Note: You will need to buy 2 pieces from ProPride to stabilize the hitch.
  • You will have to drill holes or weld to the frame, unless a custom adapter is made.
  • If you choose to weld, we have adapter tubes just for that.
  • 5th Wheel adapters can be manufactured by your local steel fabricator.
  • Sketches are available upon request.

For more information on ProPride and Hensley Equipment you can visit their website at:

No drilling or welding on the Hensley or ProPride is required.

Model PA-1

(Channel Iron Adapter) $56.50 ea.

trailer mover adapter

Model PA-1B / PA-1BB

(2" & 3" Wide Box Frame) $56.50 ea.

trailer mover adapter

Why you may need an adapter:

CAUTION: The Power Caster does NOT attach to the ball on the trailer, doing so is not 100% safe or reliable, on any dolly. It was originally designed (in 1967) for the crank-up jack on the trailer to sit into the cup above the Power Caster tire. The Power Caster comes with 4 sleeves (a bushing set) to allow you to adjust for different size crank-up jacks. If you cannot use a jack OR choose not to use the jack in this manner you will need an adapter.

The reason we suggest you drill holes through the frame or weld for the adapters and offer nothing that can clamp on is because there is no guarantee that a clamp won’t slip. Customers have made clamp-ons themselves, but it is not something we will do. When attaching it to the crank-up jack, as long as the crank-up jack retracts all the way up (hangs down no further than 3″) the chances of bending it are slim. The only time people bend their jacks is if it is a very heavy trailer or if it is being done wrong.

Important! Power Caster Operation FAQS

Adapter Example Diagrams & Photos

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Brake Kits & Accessories

50′ Extension Cord – $25.00
100′ Extension Cord – $35.00
Brake Switch Accessory Kit (PB-1) $51.66
PC-3 Brake Kit Wiring – $54.08

Please Note:

  • The extension cords we sell are 16/3 gauge. Anything under 100′ can use a 16/3, if you are going over that use a 12/3 or 14/3 gauge.
  • The brake switch accessory kit (included in the PC-3 model) can be ordered separately for the PC-1 and the PC-2 models.
  • The PC-3 brake kit wiring will not work on the PC-1 or PC-2. This kit comes with a new PC-3 and is only listed so people who have older units know that it is available.

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