About Power Caster

The Original Trailer Mover

Since 1967, we've prided ourselves on manufacturing a product our customers can rely on. Each Power Caster trailer mover is hand assembled in the U.S to ensure consistent quality and performance.

A Power Caster trailer mover is easy to Maneuver

With the Power Caster you can move your single, tandem, or triple-axle trailer and park it in just a few minutes with very little effort. Sharp turns, tight corners and narrow driveways, which are often difficult or impossible using your car or truck,are no longer a headache. A 23-foot tandem trailer can be turned completely around in a 28-foot wide space with a flip of a switch.

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Trailer Mover Features

It's Safe

Power Caster has been designed and manufactured to meet maximum safety standards. In addition to a chain guard, each unit is also grounded. Our tongue weight and load limits are conservative (with the exception of the PC-1), allowing plenty of margin for safety.

It's Powerful and Compact

Each motor delivers 400-800 in./lbs. of torque at the motor shaft. This is further geared down by a six-to-one ratio between the motor and wheel. The result is tremendous power being delivered to the wheel. Depending on the model you choose, PC-1, PC-2 or PC-3, the Power Caster can handle tongue loads of 500, 800 or 1,800 lbs (reinforced will do 2500 lbs. of hitch weight) all at a size small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

It Delivers Maximum Traction

The Power Caster connects to the trailer by use of the crank-up jack (NOT THE BALL) or an adapter. This in effect shortens the trailer tongue and loads it more heavily for better traction. All models operate best on level hard-surfaced ground or pavement. Grass, gravel or soil surfaces are dependent on level of traction produced by the tongue weight. Inclines of no more than 10% are recommended.

Application Can Be Customized

The application of your Power Caster model can be customized via various adapters depending on what you are moving (boat, trailer, 5th wheel etc.). All models come with a 2-1/4" socket and bushings that cover crank-up jack diameters of 1-5/8", 1-3/4", 1-7/8" and 2". Easy to install adapters, that can be bolted or welded to the frame are available. Custom adapters can manufactured. Our adapter page also provides examples of custom adapters made by our customers. Power Caster can be used with almost any kind of trailer. (Click here to see adapters).

And, while only the PC-3 comes with the kit that allows you to tap into electric trailer brakes, accessory brake switch kits are available for the PC-1 and PC-2.



Our Guarantee
We're so sure you'll be satisfied with the performance of Power Caster that each model comes with a money-back guarantee. Simply return your Power Caster within 60 days of purchase, in its original condition (we have to deduct for paint scratches), and we will refund the purchase price 100 percent (less shipping and handling costs, both ways).

2 Year Warranty
We also offer a two-year warranty that covers replacement of any defective parts.*

Terms of Warranty: *Parts which have been altered, or improperly used and/or overloaded, will not be replaced free of charge. This warranty carries no liability, either expressed or implied, beyond our obligation to replace the defective part(s) covered under it. * Purchaser is responsible for shipping and handling costs on return item(s) whether for refund or part(s) replacement.