trailer mover


Maneuver your RV or boat trailer in limited space with this powerful, easy to use and safe electric trailer dolly.
The Power Caster handles all types of travel trailers (including fifth-wheels), boat trailers, ATV or jet ski trailers using a standard type hitch that has a crank-up jack.

  • We’ve been in business for over 50 years
  • Patented since 1967.
  • We have a money-back guarantee
  • We offer a 2 Yr Warranty*
  • We use a true 4-ply tire, 85psi


Park it with Power Caster!

Trailer Dolly

The original trailer mover!

It's Easy to Maneuver
Power Caster is a manufacturer of the original trailer mover, also known as a trailer dolly. A Power Caster model PC-1, PC-2 or PC-3 can move your single, tandem, or triple-axle trailer and park it in just a few minutes with very little effort. All Power Caster trailer movers can perform sharp turns, tight corners and narrow driveways, which are often difficult or impossible using your car or truck. A 23-foot tandem trailer can be turned completely around in a 28-foot wide space with a flip of a switch any of the Power Caster trailer dolly models.


Model PC-1

500 lb. tongue capacity / 5000 lb. laden capacity.

For smaller boat/travel trailers.

Pricing & Details

Model PC-2

800 lb. tongue capacity / 8000+ lb. laden capacity.

For medium travel trailers.

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Model PC-3

1800 lb. tongue capacity / 30,000 lb. laden capacity.

For heavy travel trailers/5th Wheel trailers.

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