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by Walt C. on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

Hi Jill, I wanted to tell you that after owning my Power Caster PC-3 for over a year now, I am completely happy with the Power Caster! It’s built like an army tank (maybe even better)! It’s refreshing in today’s world to know that someone still builds a really good, quality product. Even the gold pinstriping on the sides demonstrates the pride and quality that goes into the Power Caster!

I now consider the Power Caster a tool I absolutely can’t live without. We have a small side yard and driveway and it’s like a railroad switching yard problem trying to jockey my two trailers, car and truck around to gain access to our garage. I use the Power Caster several times a week to reposition the trailers to allow access to the garage and reposition them again to get the car and truck off the street. The Power Caster works perfectly every time and makes it a very quick job to reposition the trailers. It always amuses me when people ask “how did you ever get those trailers parked in such a tiny little spot like that?”. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Power Caster will outlive me and possibly my children too.

Walt C.

Villas, NJ

by John on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-2

On the same day that I recently took delivery of our new travel trailer, I stopped by the Power Caster shop on my way back home from the RV dealer to get my newly-purchased used PC-2 checked out. I spoke to Jill beforehand and explained to her that I would need to use the PC-2 to pull the trailer up a 5% incline driveway so the front of the trailer would only be about a foot away from the house. If the dolly didn't work properly, I would be stuck with no way to get the trailer into the driveway and no other parking options. Jill fully understood my predicament and offered to stay as late at the shop as necessary until I arrived. When I finally arrived over an hour late, she kindly inspected the used PC-2 and ended up replacing a faulty power cord and brake kit. She also sold me the bushing kit I would need and happily showed me how to use the machine. When I got home later that night, everything worked just the way it was supposed to (much to my relief!). Jill quickly made the repairs at a reasonable cost and never once complained about having to work late. The Power Caster is a great product, and Jill really cares about her customers. A thousand thanks to you, Jill!

You're very welcome and I'm so glad it worked out for you.

by Steve Santucci on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

I have owned and used my power caster for over 20 years. It has performed perfectly with no problems and I finally wore out the tires. Jill sent out some new tires and tubes and helped me with the install and was back in business in no time. It is obvious that the ownership takes great pride in their product and ready to serve you when needed.

by Herschel Hughes Jr on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

I ordered a PC-3 to try to move my 7,500 lb. travel trailer around my yard so I could conveniently store the unit at my home instead of an increasingly expensive storage facility. The unit is recommended for paved surfaces, but I thought my yard might be solid enough to accept the unit. Alas, the soil was too sandy and, despite efforts at beefing up the traction with traction mats and plywood sheets, I just could not get the traction I needed consistently to make the unit functional. When I did have traction, it pulled my unit like a breeze. I stayed in touch with Jill throughout the process. She was extremely helpful by giving me an extended period of time to work with the unit and helping me get the right adapters for the travel trailer and the two boat trailers which I had. I finally very reluctantly, decided to return the unit, and she was very receptive. I only had to pay the shipping both ways and got a full refund. I remain very impressed with the product and the company. I priced the installation of pavers in my yard, but that was a little above my "pay grade" at this time. If I had a paved surface on which to use it, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

by John Krieschel on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-2

Support was very good - PC responded quickly no matter what I was calling about - Because of our age we got out of RV'ing so we had no need for the caster - we put an add on the PC classified page and sold the PC with in 2 months - /we had 2 calls within 2 weeks - Happy with the experience with the unit.

John Krieschel
Gering Nebraska

Note from Power Caster:

John sold his Power Caster to a gentleman in Oregon or Washington (can't remember which). Gering, NE is in the middle of nowhere, that is the reason it took 2 months and had little interest. I was thrilled to find out he was able to sell it. Jill

by Robert Brevelle on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

I have 8 trailers thanks to owning too many boats, atvs, and motorcycles. My largest is a 24' enclosed car hauler. Smallest is a boat trailer for my swamp boat. The PC-3 moves all of the trailers easily. Whether empty or loaded, the PC-3 does the job. Its well engineered and should last a lifetime. So glad I got the power caster versus the battery powered competitors. The last thing I need is another piece of equipment with a battery to maintain and replace. Knowing my luck, the battery would be dead when I need to move a trailer. Not a concern with the power caster. Jill has been great to work with!

by Ken Petty on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-2

I started off with a small aluminum boat and trailer and had no problem physically pulling them up and down my driveway. Later on, I purchased a larger boat and trailer - tried pulling them up and down the driveway and injured my back. After seeing the PC-2 model in an RV magazine, I decided to purchase one. What a lifesaver it has been! No more back problems.

by Christine Tohme on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC1, PC2

Jill at Powercaster saved the day! I had to move my Airstream into a very narrow driveway, to make matters worse it had to be backed up and leaned to one side. No one wanted to take responsibility and at one point I was told to hire 20 men and push it in. REALLY? I was referred to Jill and she said I could rent a PC and pick it up within the hour. I cannot say enough about this product and the people behind it.

by Neil Freed on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

We got our Power Caster in 2000 and have been very happy that we did. I move our 10,000 lb vending trailer, with a 1,800 lb tongue, with ease. We had it referb'd in 2008, very reasonable, and folks at Power Caster are always there if you have any questions or are looking for suggestions. I now have a removable handle, solid rubber tires and a caster bearing in the tube receiver for easier turning. It's amazing how powerful this little guy is and how supportive the folks are at Power Caster.

by Dave Busk on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-2

I have owned my Power Caster over 20 yrs. I have 5 trailers and could not do without this little red helper. The low gearing and maneuverability allows you to put a trailer in any tight location. Never a problem with this machine, but after about 15 yrs, the tire got old and cracked. Took it to Temple City, and in less than 1 hr, Jill had a new tire mounted for a very nominal cost. Would and have recommended this product to friends and family.

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