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by Dave Brewer on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

I purchased a PC-3 recently and it is the real deal! I use it to move a 24' Featherlite tri axle trailer with a lift that carries 2 collector cars. Loaded it will weight 17,500 lbs. The PC-3 moves the trailer into the tightest spots with ease. It will turn the tri axle loaded trailer in a circle! It even worked to my amazement on grass! It is small enough to be easily transported and light enough to be loaded by hand. Anyone with a trailer should have one of these.

by Dewey S. Carlisle on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-2

I purchased a PC-2 and it performed as advertised and allowed me to park my RV in a very hard place. I later purchased a larger RV and felt it would be better to have a PC-3 which I purchased from an individual that sold his RV. I have to back my RV over grass to park it and the PC-3 works beautifully. Now I have the PC-2 and PC-3 and would like to sell the PC-2. It was only used about four or five times and is in like-new condition. Any help would be appreciated.

by Doug Bracey on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

My name is Doug Bracey I live in Jacksonville beach Fla. I just received my PC3 today and put it to work right away on my nearly 5000lb. cargo trailer it moved it with ease!After being a power caster 1 owner for about 10 years I knew i needed to step up to a more powerful unit and this PC3 is perfect. I'm such a believer in Powercaster units that if mine got broken or stolen today, I would be ordering a new one tomorrow. Its invaluable to me I couldn't achieve the movement of my (trailers) where they need to go without it. And the fact that i've owned one for over ten years means they have a long useful life. Thanks again to Jill and her staff at power caster.

by David on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-2

Purchased the PC-2 about 18 years ago, it has been used weekly during the Summer months and occasionally during Winter to move around a 23' Chaparral and recently a 23' MasterCraft X-30 wake boat. Only thing I had to do is replace the tire. Sold the MasterCraft, but will never sell the PC-2, it is something I never know if I may need it. Yes, it is that dependable and powerful. Thank you

by Ron McFarland on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-2

I have had my Powercaster for 10 years now. My PC-2 moves my 24' boat from backyard to driveway with ease. Great Product Thanks Jill

by Cindy on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

We have had a Power Caster for well over 10 years. It is a workhorse for us. We use it to pull our power boat in and out of our garage in the Tahoe area. It helps us to maneuver it into a very tight space. Without it, there is no way we could do this. It's an awesome piece of machinery.

by Robert on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

Just picked up a PC-3 unit from Jill who was great to work with. My Dad and I have owned a PC-1 and PC-2. For moving a trailer in a tight spot (4" clearance on each side) the power caster is worth its weight in gold. I'll be interested in seeing how the trailer brake option works as I move the trailer up an incline. It would be nice to get rid of my wooden chock I've using for almost 30 years.

by Bob on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

nice seeing you at the RV show. I have two power casters. I use one at home for my bass boat and one at my river house. I have had them for 10 plus years with no problems. My neighbors at the river used it for awhile and loved it so much they now own one. (Guess they had to get there own cause they were spoiled when I was not around)

by Randy on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-3

We have owned our Power Caster PC-3 for many years. When I went to move our 35 foot travel trailer I noticed that the tread on one of the unit's tires had split and the cords were showing through. Because of my work schedule I was unable to get to Temple City during the week to get new tires installed. I contacted Power Caster and Jill suggested I could bring it to the shop on a Saturday and drop it off. They would repair it and contact me when it was done. They actually contacted me later that same day to inform me that it was repaired. I just used it with the new tires and it is now working smoothly again. Thank you Jill for your accommodations in getting it repaired so quickly.

by Bill LaFountain on Power Caster
Power Caster Model: PC-1

I recently purchased a used Power Caster , model PC-1, from a private party on Craigslist. We met at a shopping center to conduct the transaction, so I had no way to test it out before buying. A few days later, I started to play with it and found that it did not work. After reviewing the information, and warnings, on Power Caster’s web site, I was convinced that I had purchased a unit with a bad motor and was quite dismayed at what the replacement would cost me. I was concerned that I may end up paying more for the used unit plus repairs than I would have if I just bought a new one in the first place. I contacted Power Caster and left a message. The next day, I received a call from Jill at Power Caster. She was very nice and extremely knowledgeable about their products. She reassured me that it may not be as bad as I was anticipating. She instructed me on what to do to determine the problem. As it turns out, the problem was a very small missing part, which Jill sent to me free of charge. She followed up with a phone call to assist me with the installation of the part. I cannot compliment Power Caster, and particularly Jill, enough. They went out of their way to assist me with a unit I had bought from someone else. They are simply the best. Jill is an amazing employee and representative of the company. I also would like to congratulate Power Caster on hiring and retaining someone of Jill’s character, skill, knowledge, personal relationship & communication skills. Thank you Power Caster and Jill. - Bill

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